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Day 2

I had crashed out pretty early the previous night, so I was up early brewing some motel room coffee, and slowly getting everything ready to roll. By about 7:30 I was headed for a quick fill up at the gas station before dropping south back into the forest.

Cheap fun... and an average of about 62mpg

A few miles South of Mena I pick up the trail head for the Wolf Pen Gap Trail System.

I check out the trail map and try to locate some of the trail closures. This trail system is very popular and probably had the greatest risk of being shut down during preliminary hearings about the new "Travel Management Policy" due to heavy erosion and deterioration of the trails. Although some trails have been closed and others rerouted, still some 35 miles of trails are open, and I noticed signs of a ton of trail maintenance that has been taking place. It would be a big blow to the local economy of Mena to lose these trails. If you come through here on a weekend, be prepared to dodge some OHV's. I'm here early on Sunday, and should be gone before the traffic starts.

I am staying on the Northern outer loop heading East.

The majority of these trails are very easy, and you can still make decent time while traveling though on these trails.

I run the trail through to the East end and actually leave the trail system for a bit while I head south of some forest roads.

This little road turned out to be super fun. I had been on this road before, I just didn't remember how to get back to it. I was sure to drop a waypoint this time

This puddle was deep. I ended up soaking myself in it's murky brown funk.

Climbing out of the bottom.

And then it was time to go and pay a visit to a little corner of a mountain switchback that I had a little run-in with this past January.

On that day, this little, unassuming corner is where I figured I would drift the tail of the bike around. I wasn't going really fast, and it never looked super kewl
, but I ended up high-siding the bike right on to my leg and breaking my fibula. The evidence from back in January:

And the result:

And the resolution:

That was a little more than 5 months ago. My leg is pretty much back to normal (if maybe just a little weaker still).

I paid my respects to the curve...

But if I'm being honest... I know it's not Mr. Curves fault. I was just having a little bit too much fun and had a little bit too much confidence. It was a good lesson to take it easy, and ride smarter.

Then I turned around and headed West back into the Wolf Pen trails.

More to come...

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