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I made it!!!!

I'm finally here. My wife thinks I'm nuts because I have been sitting here cracking up out loud at all of the brilliant writings from crusty, articulate, desert riding fools. Too bad I'm not at least one of those.

I know I'm a little late but I must go back to the arrival at the motel in Mesquite. Or should I say the drive to Mesquite we, 5 of us, were trying to figure out how to say Ged. Some thought it was the "J" sound for JED and others the "G" sound for GED, like get. So it was decided to screw with the foreigner. Of course this fell to the subtle smart ass teqniques that have been honed on Bobzilla for years, Dave let the Canadian have it. The look on Ged's face was priceless as Dave kept screwing his name up JED, yea right Jed, that's what I said Jed. This quickly turned into an awkward but funny first impression, as we knew the Canadian was a good guy, and about 30 minutes later was a good joke at dinner.

So I find it funny Ged that you thought my chain lasted the entire way without adjustment. So yes after the false start, my bike tip over in the parking lot, due to kickstand failure. About five miles from the motel, my gas line came loose from the rigt side of the Exxon Valdez tank. I had to stop, along with Bob and WWTD. We fixed the hose clamp and adjusted the chain. I should have known the rest of the day would be shit after these things that happened all in the first five miles.

I will have to say that I did add stuff to my 525 exc. I added a Scotts, new Motoz front tire (crap), and an Acerbis 6.6 tank. Now I'm not that fastest guy around but can hold my own. But I must say that this bike kicked my ass all day, trying to figure out all the new crap. Ged's description of my crash was quite nice and easy, but I can tell you I still have pain today from that crash. That was the first of many that day. By the time we got to the Bar 10 I was wooped and ready to go home. But with good friends and a Canadian and another 1200 miles, I just had to suck it up and see what the rest of the trip would bring.

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