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What a crappy last race. It was last weekend and it was the second and last national race for us here in Utah. Since I missed the first national I was excited to race this one. Everything started fine with a decent start and plugging away picking off riders. Then at about mile 7 I had my first crash. And continued to wash out in turns. Something was not feeling right and I was not totally convinced it was me. It felt as though the front and rear tires wanted to go in different directions. I kept checking for a flat but that was not it so I assumed I had a front wheel bearing going. To make matters worse I missed a turn, just after the first check point, and while down in a river bed ( but I was not the only one, I had about 6 other guys behind me) I decided rather than turn around and find the missing turn I would take a gamble and head up out of the wash to the right and find the trail. The trail was off to the left. Of course. I hit a main dirt road and turned right towards the dust and found myself back at check point one and about in the middle of the novice class. So back on course I found myself back into the wash but this time saw the trail turn off to the left. I then began passing novice riders and was feeling good but then we got into the rocky sections and the bike felt uncontrolable again. I crashed about 3 more times and decided to pull the plug and save the bike. I got to check point 2 and got off the bike to check things over and could feel (at least I thought I did) movement in the rear swing arm bearings. I made my way back to the pits and I became crew chief for Fano and Steve who were still in the race. After all of us were back and safe at the truck we started looking over my bike and couldn't find anything wrong except the lower shock bearings were shot. I felt like an idiot. Something was going on and it wasn't until the ride home and talking to frog on the phone that I was reminded of the new used Scott's damper I had just put on. Up until this race I had been using frogs damper and when he needed it back I bought a good used one off eBay. I just bolted it on without testing it we're pretty sure the HS on the damper was set to stiff and was causing the eratic controll issues when the terrain got rough. Lesson learned. I want a do over. I've never been so mad and disappointed in myself. Anyway the bike is being torn down and is getting a bit of a freshening up whether it needed it or not. I want to make sure everything is solid before v2r. The suspension is going off to AS racing for a complete rebuild and all bearings will be replaced or re-packed. Valves will be checked and adjusted if needed and if compression is low a top end will be done. This was my first and last dnf for the year.
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