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We woke up in the red dirt "Just like Sedona", the cowboy had said after dinner when we asked for a good camp site closer than Toroweap.

Our first camp was a success as we had a fire, some jokes, an introduction to just how important
"The Chair Issue" was, and a chance to hear guys fart and snore as they settled into their tents. A bonding experience, one might say.

We packed up and headed north towards Utah. Breakfast was coffee and Power Bars and slurps from the CamelBack.

We were ready to get on with it and wound along the usual variety of gravel roads up through juniper and pine forests, switchback corners, high-speed stretches, and dust.

The morning was warm, the air fresh, and the rolling countryside approached the flatlands again...

We kept out of each others dust fairly well and riders tended to follow the trail rule of waiting at questionable corners until the approaching rider waved their recognition, allowing the lead guy to proceed while the approaching guy took his turn for the next guy.

Approaching the Utah border, we were on roller coaster gravel roads bordered by coniferous forest. I was about the second last guy from the end on one section and saw several riders pulled to the side of the road ahead of me. My first thought was that someone had crashed as I thought I saw someone lying down. As I got closer, the riders were a bit separate from a half dozen younger folks (late teens -early 20's).

It became more evident as I approached that the young folks were camping and hiking in the area....they looked hot, tired, and thirsty and looked like they were having a rest... I made a mental note to appreciate the luxury of a motorcycle at such a time.

I slowed a bit, waved, and wicked it up. After an hour or so, we stopped at a canyon that wasn't very wide but was sure deep. I stayed in the shade and had a smoke while everyone else clambered around the lip of the canyon warning each other to not fall. Bob mentioned that the road crossed this chasm by virtue of the original bridge being a wrecked vehicle jammed in the big crack in the earth....and subsequent layers of boulders, rocks , and gravel developing the bridge...

Bobby and Travis One "on the edge"...

Cool geology....

After the canyon stop (or was it before????), we came across a few more clusters of thrashed hiker-campers along the road,,,and noticed a few vans that looked like they were support vehicles for this cluster of what was deemed to be Scouts, wilderness Outdoor Bound type folks, or one of those bootcamp deals where uninvolved parents send their teens to have someone in their 20's trying to whip them into behavioural compliance...

We came out of the hill country once again on to pavement and flatland....heading toward Zion....

More on that later....DAy Two was about a third of the way into itself at this point in time. Time for a power bar and some water.....
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