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Originally Posted by WhereTheHellIsJames? View Post
Anyways, problem identified. Now what? Does anyone with experience have suggestions of where to (or for that matter, where not to) take / send the heads off for rework? I'm assuming that it's appropriate standard procedure to do both heads instead of just the one that's giving issues... can anyone confirm this? Since the bike will be torn down to the point where the heads are removed, is there anything else that might as well be done at his time while the engine is this far apart? FWIW, the bike has 12.5K miles on it.
Since you have some kind of experience mechanically, i would suggest yourself. It's not hard, you even have a manual to guide you trough it. (it's not like you have to do much to a 10k miles head, just take the valves out, inspect them, change the oil seals on the valves, clean, graduate valves and that's pretty much it.)
If the front is like that and the rear is not i would suggest into looking at two things, the engine breather oil seal (on the rotor side of the engine) gets damaged and it will start to eat a lot of oil, especially the front cylinder (which i believe you are experiencing this) also, the breather hose (the one that goes from the right side of the engine, rotor side, to the air box) well our models have a hose and that's it, later on they changed that for a hose with a one way valve.
So, to sum up, if your front looks ugly and the rear is perfect i would bet this is your problem altough it might have something to do with a valve with too little free play.

Still, 10k miles is NOTHING to these engines, so it's pretty weird to hear all this.
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