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OK... Back at it ....

I have an additional South Loop Option that will be in the route as well. It splits the Wolf Pen Gap Trails, and heads South from that split. It takes you over to the Albert Pike Rec area with an option for gas a few miles further in Langley. It used to utilize Forest Rd 512/Polk Rd 602. This was a must ride road for any DS rider coming to the area. I have some pics from when my wife and I rode it a couple of years ago.

This road had something like 30 creek crossings in like 10 miles. I guess I am really just teasing y'all now by showing you the pics and telling you about it
. Since about May of last year (2011) the road has been closed and gated .

But there is still a reason to head down to this area - Blue Hole:

Fun roads to get to it, and a very loose challenging climb to the top .

Have I baited any of y'all yet ?

Back to my actual weekend ride...

I was headed back into Wolf Pen Gap, and heading back West now towards Oklahoma.

It's still early, and it's still empty.

Out of the OHV trails and back on a forest road. There is a road that climbs up to the top of a ridge that I have never checked out, so I go to have a look.

At the top .

I think this would be a great place to come to in the Fall when the trees are all turning colors. The vantage point is huge!

And a small section of easement to ride on for the way back down.

The rest of the ride over to Hatfield, AR is fast gravel .

And here's one that Safari Tanks might be interested in .

FYI, Hatfield has gas, along with some places to get a bite to eat. I hit a small section of local Hwy before crossing back into Oklahoma and heading back through the forest on the East end of K-trail.

This is a long section on forest road. It is fairly rocky and rough in some sections, but is a very fun road.

Noting another side road I would like to check out some time:

When I reach Hwy 259, I opt to take the fast way over to Lennox Ridge Rd to climb back up to the Talimena Scenic Drive, and back to my truck that I have left at the state park.

I don't spend a lot of time in this area today, because I ride through here a lot, and I have a pretty good grasp at what roads are good. Except, there is this one road that I had never been on, and I really wanted to check it out today.

The road comes off of Lennox Ridge Road:

I always try to squeeze in one more thing at the end of the day. Most of the time, that's when stuff usually turns epic on me - not always in a good way. But this road starts out really fun.

And gets smaller and rougher as we get further in.

And I start to wonder...

What I am getting myself into so late in the day .

The road turns, and starts heading the wrong direction - I've missed a cut-off somewhere. But I am committed to the route I am on, because now it has turned into series of long steep climbs, and I can't get off this ride til I reach the top . No worries though, right? It's not like I am riding a fully loaded bike with worn out knobbies... Oh, wait... I am. . I end up dumping the bike once near the top, as I didn't quite spit a pair of large rocks like I had anticipated. But all the effort was rewarded when I reached a flat spot (not necessarily the top).

The trail led up to this outcrop of huge rocks. It was a pretty surreal place. I'm not sure why, but it sorta had a Middle Earth feel to the place. It may have been the adrenaline though .

There was a large tree downed across the trail just ahead of here, with no easy go around. I had no choice but to back track down the mess I had just come up.

On my way back down and out, I found the split off that I missed. The split linked me up with the CNT (Choctaw Nations Trail - Motorcycle Trail), which I used to loop me back to Lennox Ridge Rd, and ultimately back up to Hwy 1 (Talimena Scenic).

A few miles later, and I was back at my truck.

Looking the bike over.

Those knobbies won't go away.

This was an excellent little trip. I found a lot of interesting spots along the way, and rode a lot of tracks that will help me to finish up the Tour of the Ouachitas loop ride. The little WR has about 9,500 miles on it now, and just keeps buzzing along. I do nothing but change the oil in this bike.

Final Stats for the whole weekend.


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