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Originally Posted by motoboy9 View Post
I..... And thanks GED for keeping the Canadian kitties dry and for starting this thread its awesome, it must be tough having to travel south to the U.S. to get electricity for your computer.
Travis One,
We should explain the kitty thing for all the FF's out there who aren't sure about the reference....

Here is my version: the first evening around the campfire, somebody was talking about dairy farming.....even suggesting that dairy cows drink 250 gallons of water a day to produce daily amounts of milk. That, to me, sounded like an attention to their conversation was minimal at that moment as I was probably in deep thought about "Geez, I shoulda brought a chair....".

But, sometimes I am a bit hard of hearing and I joined the conversation by saying "What's that?", as my attempt to catch up with the conversation.

Well, that was all it took for these guys with razor-sharp wits to find an opening to continue their merciless testing of my character, patience, sense of humour, and lag time between a wise-crack and my right hook .

"Milk !!!", someone piped up. "Don't you have cows in Canada? What do you do for milk? Oh, you guys milk cats up there, huh?" The rest of the group, not to be outdone by another, piled on the jokes and before a dozen efforts to ramp up their pleasure of just how fukkin clever each one of them was, they ended up deciding that I was a kitty-milker (sometimes blended with me being a cougar-milker (double-entendres appearing to be part of their verbal arsenal )...

Not only that, they piled onto the falsehood that I had an accent different from theirs....(their only sense of Canada seemed to be Bob and Doug McKenzie, references to 24's (of beer), and pretending to pronounce words like "about" as "aboot"....which is likely only true of east coast Canucks...

I think the kitty milker thing was their reference to movie The Fokkers, but I only figured that out when when I got back home to the frozen north and cranked up the hand-generator to power up Google to research this query....

Yep, they put the boots to me....but in my style of gracious calm and understanding of the human condition (i.e If you look at the bell curve of the population's IQ's, it becomes apparent that at least 35% of the population is chronically stupid at any one point in time... .... so I just looked around this group of 7 other guys and figured at least 2 of them were likely on the left-hand side of that bell curve....). I didn't react with much more than an agreeable smile ....didn't want to alienate myself with a bunch of foreigners on their home turf with one of my usual acerbic witticisms...they could let the chupacabras kill me when sleeping, only to leave my corpse in the desert for the coyotes and vultures...

Yes, Canada has cows for milk, we DO have electricity (which we export to the States for big $$$$), and telephone systems will start to be installed in three years from now in some provinces...most Canadians have moved out of their igloos for the comfort of wall tents, and some creative folks have started to build houses out of logs.

And about the Canadian idiosyncrasy of sometimes saying "eh!" at the end of a sentence.....yeah, we do that.

BUT, what's with the American tendency to respond to a "Thank You" with "Uh Huh" instead of "You're welcome" ?

I suppose it's because they are not used to someone saying "Thank You"....and offer a gutteral grunt as their best response... .

Just to clear up any confusion...

I think they were all waiting for Kevin's diagnosis of me....he was the Trail Boss and they wouldn't dare mess with him....I was disposable.....
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