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Our retail business around here ain't quite what you might be expectin' but I bet this gal at the Smokey Mountain Gift Shop has some good deals. She is a neat person and lots to tell you about too so stop on by if you can't resist this stuff.

Her shop is just up the road from here but you'd better get direckshuns if yor goin' further..I bet she's got maps..

Speaking of some more of the kind of folks I like to is one heck of a fine feller. He's over there in the Rosman area. I was passin' thru there and saw him a grinding and welding on an old Willys soz I just had to stop and say howdy!

Now, you know a tourist would just look over there at that shop and keep right on rollin'! No idea what they just past up in local history and just real interesting stuff. As an example, look at the wood work in the ceiling of his old shop.

And see that thingy hangin' up there, thats a far extinguisher that dates back into the 1800's! It's got a do-hickey that melts when the fire heat hits it, then that releases a spring loaded thing-a-ma-bob, which in turn slaps the tar outta thet glass globe which breaks it to release and pour out some far retardant concoction. Ain't that slick? See what kind of stuff people miss out on ever day by bein' in a big hurry.

Ok, that's all today. Gotta start packin' th' bike...
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