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Originally Posted by bobzilla View Post
You a fine travel companion Ged ( its Jed, thats what i said Ged, no its Jed, right Ged)
I think I missed the whole Milking cats thing as I too was a bit zoned out at that point and thinking "wow that fire is really cool and i'm not falling out of my chair".

as i said before the riding is a big part but i think equally the compainons are important. being able to take it and give it back are key to blending with this group.

where did we spend the second night? were there bike problems already? its all a blur to me
You are correct about the Ged/Jed least they didn't use the Jed Clampett reference and it was a study on the grammar lesson of "E after C or a G makes those consonants 'soft'.....". And you hang with a cool group of guys. I certainly felt part of the group and appreciated their ribbing me....but I have to make note of it here to add colour.....

Stay tuned...we will tell you where you slept, if you had a good time, and how many different bike tear-downs you performed.
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