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I didn't have the same experience. Bought my C3 last year with the SRC. The helmet is quiet enough and I like the features and SRC function, BUT, for the money I laid out ($1100) I didn't expect that ridiculous liner forehead area that irritates and makes a red spot no matter how many miles I've put on the helmet. It's gotten better but still not acceptable. Never was able to get it resolved with Schuberth. They said the liner for my size shell was the thinnest available and that hopefully it would get better as it broke in, which it did, but still irritates and leaves a mark due to where the liner pieces are joined together. I was also told by Mike Talarico at Schuberth North America "We are actually working with the Design and Development team in Germany in order to see if a solution can be found, as you are not the only one dealing with this."

So unless the liner has been redesigned I'd stay away from the C3.
Everyone's coconut is different. I have no problem. If I had a hot spot, I'd take a pool ball and work the offending spot down just enough to ease it. That's exactly what your head is doing now, except that it hurts.

If you were a military pilot, you'd be having a wax impression taken of your head and sent off to have a custom liner made for your helmet. Too bad they don't do it for anyone else.
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