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Tried that, multiple times. May have helped some, but IMO the issue is the rough spot at the forehead area where the lining is bonded together. I might expect something like that from a cheap helmet, but not one like this. I've been riding for over 30 years and owned many helmets, both inexpensive and expensive, and have not had one more irritating than the forehead spot on the C3. If it wasn't so expensive I'd write it off as a lesson learned and wouldn't be bitching. I just expected a lot more for the $, and particularly when Schuberth admitted they've had multiple complaints about this exact issue and as far as I know haven't addressed it.
The local BMW dealer had an open house/demo ride last weekend, and the Schuberth truck was there with loaner helmets for anyone who wanted to wear one during the demo ride. I thought that was a great idea, because one could be worn long enough to spot any fit problem. I won't buy a helmet unless I can put it on and wear it long enough to see any problems.
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