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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
Nice ride, jglow. Lucky you survived.

I think you were flirting around some moonshine stills in that overgrowth, and maybe an Equesterian or hiking trail....or three. But, what do I know?

Its only my (formerly) private backyard playground. No thanks to you.....its a lot harder putting the cat back into the bag than letting it out.

O'Leary.....Waldron is a good centralized target for your supply needs. You can basecamp at Sugar Creek or up on Poteau Mountain (2,600 ft elevation). All the marked trails at Sugar Creek are now open to motorcycles (formerly Equestrian only). No Potable Water at Sugar Creek, its primitive camping only. Knoppers Ford has "city boy" camping spots, but still no water available, other than the creek. So, pack it in.

Confirming....Hawcreek Store has closed for good (it appears). That was our only remaining source for fuel, groceries, & burger grill among the sticks in these parts. Now, you have to hump it to one of the nearby big cities for a pitstop. So, you'all better just stay away. Stick to the safer confines with pavement, motels, & McDonalds nearby. Better chance of living to see another day.

Hey HighFive... I figured you would know pretty much all the spots I was passing through. Heck, I was even using some of your tracks from an old Winter DS Ride .

Originally Posted by Vinduroman View Post
More good stuff, jglow!

BTW, what is "TOTO"? An informal group ride? If an informal group ride, is it guided, or just GPS tracks and head out? When is it?

The TOTO is not an organized ride. It is just a route that I am working on that will make a loop through the Ouachita National Forest, sampling all of what the forest has to offer.

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