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Oh!? That is deep.
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I've knocked out the first 1000 km on mine without issues. Did notice some coolant leaking from the hose going into the overflow tank but that has since stopped. Bikes goes in for it's first break in servicing tomorrow. No mods to exhaust or air intake yet, likely will only do the exhaust...maybe the air filter. There does seem to be a spot in the throttle where the bike catches and stalls on occasion. I've only noticed it when you are giving light blips to the throttle with the clutch in, like when you are feathering the clutch and blipping the gas when negotiating technical terrain. The solution, more aggressive twists. No stalls when simply sitting at idle or anything. Gobs of power and torque. My buddies 2011 with an FMF does have noticeably crisper throttle response down low, something to consider.

Mods for far:
- Pivot Pegs
- Rox Risers
- Flatland Skid Plate
- Touring screen
- ACV Grab on Grip Covers
- Double Take folding mirrors
- Put the rear passenger grab handles on and deleted the rear passenger pegs

Some vid of me and my friend out playing. (Skip the first 2:30) I almost clear the creak at 4:20
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