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Oleary said:

Sounds good! I thought you lived close by the beginning of the thread. I was thinking about you and thinking about hooking up sometime and you could show me around. Lookin forward to it. I will download the tracks when they become available.
Oooo! That's right, you use one of those GPS-thingies!

I'm dead serious: Maybe this coming Autumn we can hook up, and the three of us (you, me, and my wife) can hit the Ouachitas and ride/see some pretty neat stuff. We're panzies, though: We like to find a cabin/motel with running water and good beds!! (If we do a multi-day.)

FWIW: One of the things I like about the Ouachitas in comparison to the Ozarks is the PINE TREES. They're everywhere. Both the wife and I love pines. We've ridden through some beautiful pine forests over the decades we've done the Ouachitas.


Understood on your TOTO being a personal quest. Thought perhaps it was like the AR SLAP ride, or that annual Clayton ride some of the Okies put on.

You're right, you rode some of the stuff I rode the past couple of weeks! The wife, too, was with me on her bike over some of it.

Darn... is it almost Autumn yet???

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