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Originally Posted by motoboy9 View Post
That is pretty much how it went Ged, I'm still trying to figure out if I'm on the left or right side of the bell curv and wondering if a bell has the same shape in Canada as it does in America but seriously we couldn't have picked a better foreigner to share this adventure with, you are a solid dude.
I also have to mention something about the pic of myself and Bobby on the ledge, I realized my father Bobzilla does care about me because you should have heard his voice telling me to get away from that ledge, it was sheer panic and pure love, well that's what I'm telling myself, it was probably more like shit... If he falls off that ledge I'm going to have to tow this bike all the way back home.
No Travis if you had fallen off the cliff Bob would have asked you if we put you on the bike do you think you can ride it out? Having been a victim of a pretty good crash I know first hand that despite Bobs love for you he's not going to call care flight if you can still stand(or crawl) and are somewhat coherent. Man I'm not gonna miss the next ride and yes I'm in for june.
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