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Originally Posted by Ol'NumNuts View Post
G'day Dave,
Thanks for taking the time to load these photos up.
I'd seen these bags and thought they would suit my needs but it's great to get a little real world feedback.
I'd love to hear a more detailed review of how you've used em and what you like/dislike.
Hi Andrew, greetings to lovely Alberta, I spent many years in Calgary and worked and played all over the place. Great place to live and ride.

So, where to start.

The photos were taken just after I got the panniers, I got them to fit better and got the hang of attaching and removing them after a couple of goes. Basically there are two horizontal straps - one at top and one towards bottom of the main body of the panniers. Undo them and get the metal 'things through the metal D rings attached to the frame then do up the straps. Once you've done that the first time with loaded out panniers, you are good to go every time with no adjustment.

The panniers come with 2 male fastex buckles on one and 2 female on the other panniers straps that go over the seat. Take one off each pannier and attach it to the other one. That way you can turn each pannier into a shoulder bag by connecting the male and female to each other on each pannier. Does that make sense ? It makes them easier to carry. You can carry both at the same time - one over each shoulder. Very useful.

With a bit of fiddling you can get the fastex buckles to fit under the seat if you have a pillion.

I use short cable locks like you get for suitcases to secure the panniers to the frames. A single ski lock cable type would also do the job. A Pacsafe cable lock can prevent someone from trying to open the panniers and can also be threaded through the frame.

They are incredibly light compared to the hard luggage you can buy. This means a lot to bike stability as your C of G remains a bit lower and overall weight of luggage and contents is much lower. The reduced footprint makes it easier for a pillion to get on and off - or so my wife says compared to my old 1150GSA with luggage !

I've done some weekend trips and had the panniers loaded to twice the height you see in the photos above. No problem. I also use them sometimes on my daily 80 mile round trip commute to and from work. We've had the wettest April on record this year and I've gone through water up to 18" deep and some seriously heavy rain and the contents has always been dry as a bone. They really are waterproof !! They are also airtight so you can leave them on the bike empty but inflated with the air trapped in them when you roll the top down and they stay tight and inflated and don't flap around on the bike when you're out and giving it some.

Make sure you have some clear bodywork paint protector in place where the straps rub the yellow rear quarter panels (or whatever colour you might have !). There is bound to be slight movement as you ride and put the panniers on and off and you don't want scratched paintwork do you ?

As I've already mentioned, the have a smaller footprint than hard luggage and sit further back on the bike which allows short arses like me to still get near enough to the bike to cock a leg over. Hard luggage has the same volume whether loaded or not, these increase as you need them to and increase vertically only. With a Wolfman (or other) roll top bag on the back, you have heaps of volume.

Can't think of much else to be honest but if you have any further questions, fire away and I'll see if i have an answer. Happy to take photos of any of the above but unable to do that right now as I'm at work and supposed to be working ;-)

Ride safe !

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