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I like how you setup the camera to watch what the suspension was doing. Great idea that I'll have to implement. I read through your thread on tuning your suspension. I may do a little more tuning on the suspension myself, and have read over oodles of posts about the Marzocchi 45mm forks, and all the different modding\tuning people do. Maybe it's time I order up a pile of shims to do some proper tuning. Though for the price of that, I could send out the suspension during my downtime I got right now. Might not be a bad idea. I'll do some research this week\next.

I felt that the Rekluse taught me 1 key thing. Use the clutch less. With trials background, I'd been conditioned to non stop using the clutch. While this isn't terrible, it can get draining. With having the Rekluse in, I've learned to just use the clutch less. I also found that the bike actually revved quicker & went faster without the Rekluse. It coulda been my imagination, or the road I was on coulda been more grippy or something, but I found it topped out 5th gear quicker than it did the day before.

Right now just really itching to get back out riding. Gotta wait on Husky parts before I do anything though, and got a wedding to go to in Texas this weekend, so I got some time.

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