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where's Laura0107?
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Originally Posted by StolenFant View Post
Laura0107 is sorting through her extensive list of tracks for any interesting ones between Charleston and the start of Augusta Statecoach Road. Looks like lunch will be somewhere around Estill, SC, and hopefully we'll have time to roost around Hamilton Ridge WMA as well. Riders coming from upper and lower SC, so if you're interested, shoot me an email so I can get you on the updates email list.
We'll start early, but there will be a couple points where we can "pick up" those who need a little extra sleep after Saturday night.

Hi guys,

I really don't have much other than County Line Rd to Parkers Ferry and maybe some of the Southern bits of the HO-CAT. It would be cool if there were a way to cross the Edisto where County Line Rd meets Parkers Ferry; the HO-CAT is right on the other side. I'm sure there's not, though, so if you go that way you'd have to choose whether to go North or South on Parkers Ferry to get across the river. It looks like there ought to be some dirt Northwest of Coosawhatchie but I haven't ridden in that area and haven't found any by just using maps. Slidefighter, Marsh Tiger or Draechon might be of help with that area. Y'all have 80+ miles just to get to Estill on a direct pavement route, so if you add some morning dirt to that, do lunch, then 2 or 3 hours after lunch playing around near the Savannah, then slab it home, that will be a full day!

We could meet y'all in Estill for lunch, then mess around Webb & Hamilton Ridge, then go North to Crab Orchard Rd and then up to the dirt part of Augusta Stagecoach Rd, if that suits everyone. I hope the open gates I encountered on my other ride will be open! If so, we'll pop out on Hwy #3.

I'll copy this to Clint's email list.
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