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Getting Bent

I think you will be fine. I do a fair bit of off-road on mine and I did slightly bend it. I weigh 220 plus gear. If you want total piece of mind buy the Indy Unlimited kit.

Originally Posted by Jon_PDX View Post
Well it took forever but I finally got through every post in this thread. I don't know if I remember everything I read though

A couple weeks ago I traded in my FJR1300 for a 2012 F650GS. I've had a lot of bikes over the last 30+ years but this is my first BMW and I really hope I did not make a mistake.

I bought the bike because the FJR was just to heavy for me at times and I also did not like having to return home to get the DR650 when I came across a road that I did not want to take the FJR down.

As I was reading through this thread I was freaking out about the shock bolt issue. But I think I let what I was reading get the best of me and it appears for the type of riding I do it may ??? not be the issue I initially thought it was.

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I have gathered from this thread....
  • The upper and lower shock mounting design it not the best.
  • If the bike is ridden off-road like a dirt bike in time the bolt will bend.
  • If it's ridden on the street with occasional trips up gravel and fire roads to explore off the beaten path it's probably not an issue.
  • There are fixes if needed.
I also have a few design questions...
  • What is the large section that the upper bolt screws into used for other than as a nut?
  • If it does not have any other use, why not just replace it with a nut so the shock and spacers are locked in between the two shock mounting tabs?
  • Same thing with the lower mount. Why does BMW let one end float instead of clamping the shock between two mounting tabs?

I had hoped to replace both my FJR and DR650 with the F650GS since the only thing I have used my DR650 for is exploring fore roads and two-track trails. But if using the F650 like I use the DR650 is going to bend bolts then that concerns me.

Oh, I'm about 150 lbs without my riding gear on. And I have the Verio side cases and a Givi trunk. Riding will probably be 80% street / 20% off pavement.

I may have some more questions depending on the replies I get to the above questions.


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