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Originally Posted by Roll-sen View Post
And you're complaining? All of us who ordered when the Aire was first announced waited a hell of a lot longer than that. All that history is spelled out word for word through this entire thread. Myself, I ordered in March 2011 and received the product in September. 2011. Quoted the same three week turnaround as you and everyone else. I don't call this out to demean Poolside and his production schedule, rather to point out that the delays are well-documented, and frankly, should be expected by now.

I "paid my money and I took my chances" which seems to me like a reasonable expectation when ordering any product made by an inmate in their basement in their spare time. I was pleased with the product when I first received it and ran it with the steptoe mod. In the last week I've discovered a new facet to its benefits running without the steptoe mod. It's a terrific little item that has made a great bike even better. I'll order the Cool when it's available knowing I'll get it when I get it. It's not like I'm prevented from riding the bike without it.

I have even offered to send $ to PS to be on the first batch of Cools. To his credit PS is waiting until he has started before accepting cash.
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