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Originally Posted by Kainic View Post
Overlander, when and how much?
Hey Kainic,

Sorry for the delay in responding - for some reason I didn't get a notification that you'd posted...

Price on the Overlander 30 is $299. Overlander 60 comes in at $795. I've just had confirmation that my initial shipment of all the new Dual Sport gear should be ready to leave the UK, bound for my warehouse in Georgia, in the next few days. Transit time over the Atlantic is generally around five business days, but this is dependent on how efficient customs are at that time. Once, they make it across the border, it'll take my warehouse around a day to receive, situate and organize it all, ready for outbound shipping. So - all being well - it's looking like we'll be getting it out there towards the back-end of the first week of June.

My initial shipment should be just enough to meet demand for the first month, with a further, larger shipment following hot on its heels, that should provide availability for the remainder of the year. So, I'm aiming to have our website updated in the next few days, so that folks can pre-order to reserve stock. I'll let you know as soon as that happens.


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