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Originally Posted by jimmydeanh View Post

Is any of the Overlander stuff available yet???

I ended up buying that rack I posted on page 2 of this thread. I was thinking instead of two 15s that I might run a US-30 on one side...and wandered if there is a "toughness" difference with the new 15s coming out? Then run an LDPE on the other side with RotoPax (fuel) and maybe a 15. I realize the first LDPEs will be for 18mm and my rack is 19mm but I can mod it to fit....unless you have a date for when new LDPE's will be out.

*edit~ just read the answer to one of my questions "Therefore, the 15L Overlander Drypacks are significantly different to the US packs, being made from heavy duty 1000D Cordura with reinforced backs (to maintain their shape) and stainless steel eyelets for the alloy attachment hardware. "
Hey Jimmy,

Check out my post above for probably release dates. And yeah - as you noted - there is a difference in the pack design. Various configurations of bags, cans and platforms are possible.

But you will need an 18mm frame - the brands I have confirmation that the first batches of ADV platforms will fit are Touratech, KTM, Metal Mule or Power Parts, which all share the same dimensions. The cam lever attachment system is very precise and will only work on racks of a set size and shape. I don't have any news on when the alternative mounting hardware to suit popular brands of 19mm might be available, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.


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