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Originally Posted by officerleroy View Post
But mainly what I wanted to add to this was about their duffle bag. I got tired of bungee-webbing everything to the back so instead finally picked up their open top duffle from the open-house a couple weeks back. It's pretty sweet so far. It's essentially like one of the saddlebags turned into a duffle, with the roll-top. So you get the easy access compared to just a bottom or bottom/top opening like most dry-bags and it can expand or decrease as needed.
I've got a similar setup, except that I opted for their double-ended duffel. Its advantage is that you can open either end without having to unstrap anything. So if you pack with forethought (not my strong suit), you can get at things you might need without a lot of hassle. Plus, it's not too big, so there's room for it to act as a lumbar support even with a small Pelican case mounted on the rear.

Oh, and their MSR bottle holders are pretty cool too.

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