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Originally Posted by Denial9xs View Post

Why wouldn't I be upset? I was quoted a three week delivery time and it has been almost three months with the target shipping date having changed at least a 1/2 dozen times. And I don't understand how my initials and state have been well up in the 2nd to the last batch since I ordered and paid in full on March 5, 2012 and now they are suddenly in the last group? I trust you understand, Jim...That's it for me.
Well Curtis (Denial9xs), I understand your request. Conversely I hope you can understand that this little hotrod device is not responsible for your general demeanor in life. And as you mentioned in a message to me, how that may affect your overall health.

Regarding the shipping estimates, that is what they are, estimates. The commitment is that you will receive a totally bitchen IICE Air for your bike, as my personal time and circumstance allows.

The above statement is expressed on the invoice which you, and 300 other people, agreed to before deciding to go ahead with a purchase. Give it another look, it's only 2 sentences.

On a personal note, the west coast hippie in me says, and that others have echoed, "Chill out dude!"


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