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Originally Posted by DiamondLie View Post

Sorry but that is some serious rubbish, mate. I can't think of anything that I have purchased in the last two decades that I would employ that sort of wisdom towards. Have you heard the saying "a fool and his money are soon departed?"

I think that Denial could probably stand to take a chill-pill but why would anyone in 2012 expect to pay for something up front that may or may not arrive at it's appointed time as defined by the person selling it? I don't have a dog in this fight but in my mind the only way one should be selling something is if they have it in hand to actually sell.
Sounds like the right thing for you, Diamond. But it wasn't that way for the 300 or so people who decided to make a purchase. About 260 pieces have been shipped thus far.

And let me just say again, these folks who decided to jump in on this what-started-out-as-a-hobby endeavor, they have been the greatest. Just a treat to interact with.

To address one of your comments, there was no expectation of a time commitment. That is clearly expressed in two sentences, located front and center on the invoice page. That invoice page is what a potential customer sees right before they click the 'submit order' button.

There has always been my best estimate of a shipping schedule. Actually, the estimate itself is sort of new. There used to not even be that much. But either way I get it man. It's not for you.


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