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Let me tell you all the epic tale of Maggie vs The Young Buck:

So there I was, out enjoying a spirited ride through the Hocking Hills. Having just run the length of Big Pine from 56 to 664 and back (what a fun road that is) I was on 56 east of Laurelville, just cruising at the speed limit, when this jumped out in front of me:

I had time to think "SHIT!" and reach for the brakes. Dont think I even got them applied when the impact happened. I exited the vehicle to the left while it carried on to the right and onto the berm.

Thanks to the the value of good gear and an ATGATT attitude, I was able to walk away from the wreck with only some bruises and scrapes on my hands (shoulda been wearing the better gloves). Maggie took significantly more damage than I did, but she still starts up and runs, while the deer is lying dead along side rt 56 as we speak. So I'm scoring it Maggie 1, deer 0.

As a result of this event, Maggie has aquired a new name and is now known as Maggie Deerslayer. I was able to recover both antlers which shall be mounted on the bike to go along with her new name.

BTW, anyone got a headlight lens for a V65 Magna laying around?
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whats the value of good gear?:
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