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Originally Posted by Lost Rider View Post
Looking forward to your comparisons since you will have all the pieces.
Hey Finn, so some quick'n dirty pix to show the GL vs WM saddle bag fitting. I did not go to a lot of effort to fully strap down the WM harness tightly but it is in the right place for the pix.

You already know how the GL MoJavi fits, but for others it basically it wraps around the seat rear and does allow the seat to come off.

The Wolfman rackless saddlebag harness can also fit under the edge of the rear seat, but it prevents proper usage of the the large center strap. You could mount this way and go with two Medium Rolies on the sides, and maybe a Small Rolie on top or something small enough on top not to block the seat coming off.

When it is on top of the seat, you can see all will work normally.

Here is a Medium Rolie strapped on top, just center strap, Rolie side straps not installed yet, which would be a much firmer tie-down. This is just a quick-fit.

Here is 3 Medium Rolies strapped on, again with just center straps.

Hope that helps to illustrate a little bit.

I don't see any real reason to lift the seat up very often other than to look at fuses or air filter, since it has no storage under there otherwise.
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