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Originally Posted by mrt10x View Post
bike holds almost 2 qts from the factory..which is more than a comparable KTM.. but an oil cooler would be nice..get another qt or 1.5 qts on the bike.. push those oil changes out even farther... One of the Husaberg Adventure Team guys is riding a 570 up from South America to Montana.. I am following him on facebook.. very interested to hear about his maintenance procedures.. i.e. oil changes and valve checks.
Do you have the Face Book link?
Is it Colebatch? Solo? Or Lucas? I was reading their Face Book page when they were climbing the mountain in Chile ... but haven't checked in.

To me, making the LONG RIDE is a really good thing ... and will really test the 'Berg in a way most moto travelers would. Both Walter and Lukas are first rate mechanics and maintenance guys. If anyone can get those bikes home, they can.

I love seeing all this prep here on this thread ... but bottom line for is:
Would anyone here actually take their Husaberg down to Tierra del Fuego ... and back? Would it be your 1st choice for such a ride? Or would you only do it as a sponsored contractor? (like Lukas and Walter are)

I'd like to see Husaberg permanently hire Walter and Lucas and let them develop a true Adventure Travel bike, one as reliable as the Japanese yet still retaining that 'Berg magic. Tough, able to carry gear and reliable with easy maintenance. I'll buy it tomorrow.

(love those Wolfman bags! Brilliant!)
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