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Garmin Montana Mount Options


(Click the images below to go to the sites for more information)

(Please note that no matter which mount system you use, it's a very good idea to use a lanyard to attach your precious gps to the bike)

From Garmin:

The Rugged Mount

  • Inexpensive ($33 at GPSCity)
  • Solidly made
  • Lockable through a Torx security screw
  • Using the locking screw to secure the gps to the mount is insurance that the gps is properly installed on the mount - the lock won't work if everything's not lined up well
  • Wired to bike's battery
  • Provides excellent power connection to gps through surface connectors
  • Easy to switch between Landscape and Portrait mode
  • Speaker connection through a 1/8" plug on the cable
  • Includes three decent screen protectors

  • Requires RAM AMPS ball which should be included with mount. (Unless you plan to mount this directly to a dash with about a 2" x 2" square surface to attach it to but if you do so, you lose the ability to angle the unit for optimum viewing, or to avoid reflection from the sun.)

The Automotive Mount

  • Powered through a lighter outlet cable
  • Speaker included in cradle
  • Suction cup base included

  • Not lockable
  • Not sturdy enough to be used on a motorcycle (gps likely to fall off)
  • Not waterproof

The Marine Mount

  • Cradle is Identical to "Rugged Mount" (See description above)
  • Comes with a base which allows you to change the angle of the gps

  • Not many, but probably not of much use on a motorcycle. Likely too fragile.

From other sources:

The RAM Mount

  • Very inexpensive ($8.95 at GPSCity)
  • Looks solid enough

  • No power to the gps unless you plan to use the mini USB cable and that is doomed to failure, either through water getting into the connection, or the connector wearing out, and it will wear out eventually.

The Touratech Mount

  • Very secure
  • Looks great (Aluminium/Stainless Construction)
  • Lockable through a proper key
  • Vibration dampening through rubber mounts
  • Power supply through the Garmin Rugged Mount which is required and purchased separately.
  • Bling Factor (important to some people)

  • Price! ($180 + Rugged Mount cost)

If you want to discuss the Montana, go to the humungous thread called Laying Down Tracks/New Garmin Montana.

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