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I read this RR during lunch today.

I really enjoyed my lunch

Ged - this following quote by one of your riding mates really brought a smile. I also enjoy the way you tell your tale.
Originally Posted by Buster714 View Post
dtbushpilot: "What happened Ged" I asked, already knowing the answer. "Nothing" he replied, "why do you ask?....."You're covered with silt" I responded. "Oh that. We don't have silt in Canada so when I saw it I wanted to stop and play in know, like you desert rats like to do when you come up North and see the snow for the first time. I laid down and made a few silt angels...they were cool, you should have seen them"........I think he fell down but his story was so good that I didn't challenge him.

I think the dynamic of the group was great. Age's ranged across the board, everyone seems to have gotten along like a family or a bunch of ball bustin brothers. Can't ask for much more

I want to hear about this pic. Awesome.
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