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(Smugmug just took a Valium and is ready to go again....)

BobZ began Rebuild #1....with some expert help...

But the foreigner had little to offer, and he stepped aside to let the cognizante move in...beers in hand, hands in pockets, and unsolicited opinions flying around like bats after mosquitoes..

Little would we know that the unassuming guy would not only demonstrate the superior (yet to be appreciated) Kermit, he would begin to almost sound like he had a few insights....although Kevin seemed skeptical...

Some guys migrated to the workbench so as to look busy and appear to be helpful...

the pros threw ideas back and forth as if they were at Wimbledon ..

I peered into the labyrinth ...with a lot of "Je ne sais quoi" (loosely translated for you FF's as "WTF?")

Fuel pump? Injector? Loose wires???

Travis One thought all he needed was a bigger hammer....(who the F carries a plastic hammer on a desert ride???)

But at least he entertained the Trail Bosses...

After some time they did stuff that the guys will describe later when they add to the events....

In the meantime, thoughts moved towards food, beer, and a fire....oh....and chairs...

Bob sewed the 690 up, Travis Two's suggestions bore fruit (so he grabbed the 690 for several test runs....just cuz he wanted to get off his Kermit-like 950), and it seemed the bike had been healed....

BobZ was happy again...

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