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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
HEY! I can ride.

You had the same ATGATT ideas that I had back then!
Love that sissy bar!

Now get back to work...


Nobody asked me, but I like the part about ADV that is about that fantastic adventure spirit that a lot of us share. About how people come out of the woodwork to help others in need, some whom they have never even met. How some come up with an idea that can help out in a small or large way, the other crazy inmates around here. And they do so without asking for much in payback. More like a Pay It Forward kinda deal. How people go out of their way to write up a RR to share it with others. etc,,,
I don't know about the rest of you FF's, but I have a lot to pay forward! I'll maybe never be able to really pay PS & JJ back for all they have done for us with this project. (let alone all the other things they do around here) But, I would like to let them know that with this simple device, it has made something that I truly love and two years ago, almost completely lost being able to do, is now just a little bit easier for me to enjoy again.
I really look forward to each new development on this project. I just hope I get to see it to the end. One thing I learned (again) two years ago, you never know when your time will end. If you spend your time raining on your own parade you will miss out on the best part of your life. The part you are living right now. It does seem at times that a lot of the newer inmates tend to jump right in with both feet and sometimes don't land very well around here. I used to try and help them out with a short message about how they might be able to get more done with a little sugar vs vinegar when they are a n00b. Now I am finding, I don't have the time anymore. I only have time working to just stay alive with out to much pain and dreaming of my next ride of course! It was heartwarming to see that a few of you have been able to, shall we say, see the light?

PS, I would just like to thank you for all the hard work you have done and will do to see this all the way through. With all the time you have to spend here on ADV fielding questions and bashing heads when needed. It's a wonder you get anything done at all. I have a question of my own for you, when was the last time you got out and went for a ride? I don't mean a 'test' ride, but a ride to blow the cobwebs out? Never mind, just go out sometime this weekend and get a nice ride in. You deserve it! Hell, I'm sure going to try!!!

Sorry about the long post, it must be the morphine talking. Good night...
To me, the best kind of trips are the ones you planned on the way, allowed yourself to change, and maybe didn't end up where you expected. Klay

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