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The previous post is EXACTLY why I am involved in this project.

There are those who grasp that we can and indeed MUST do what we can to pay it forward.

All to often we get wrapped up in our own little world with it's stresses, strains, drama, and unbidden surprises. Then sometimes we get a chance to see what others are faced with in their world and our struggles often seem so trivial in comparison.

This where and why paying it forward is such a powerful motivation for me. To be able to share something so small or seemingly innocuous, yet we never will really know what ultimate effect it will have nor how far and wide it will reach into unknown numbers of strangers lives.

Just because we can, indeed I think, must.

I am reminded of a scene in one of the star trek movies where Kirk asks Spock how the crew will fair under real combat conditions. And Spock answers…

'Each according to their gifts.'

Share your gifts, and EVERYONE gains something of value.

An illustrious quote from vermin:
"I lie to myself because I am the only one who continues to believe me."
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