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Originally Posted by Bury_Dave View Post
Hello Mihai, and thank you for the kind words :-)

I bought the panniers from a member of the forum. He bought them and then decided he wanted black so i got these brand new for the same sale price he bought them for from Adv-Spec - 135. The rack came from Adv-Spec directly. I think it was 186 plus postage. If you tell them it is for the Wolfman, they include the straps. And you are quite correct in your observations as to the quality of the panniers and rack - as well as the cost being hugely less than a hard case solution by any maker.

The crash advantage I think you are correct about but didn't mention it as I know there is a difference of opinion amongst some about that and didn't want to make that the focal point of the post with people simply posting that I was wrong about that. I KNOW I am right about everything else but haven't had an off with a hard and soft pannier system to make a proper conclusion (Thank God !)

@Maxcceleration ------ the straps are nearly 12" long and not your normal soft , fluffy velcro and it sticks to itself over the full length that they wrap around themselves so they ain't coming off anytime soon !! The thicker, industrial type velcro is also unlikely to get clogged with mud like the normal stuff you get on clothing etc. If you were really worried, you could run a tie-wrap around it and through the D-ring once installed (or even some electrical tape) but I've never felt it was necessary myself.

Cheers all,
Nice Dave,
I have some commercial style velcro on another bike which works quite well but does give and needs tightening along the course of a trip.
I'm glad its working for you.
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