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For me day 2 is usually the start of the trip. It always feels different and usually goes better than day 1. My real life is far away and my new job is to keep the triangle near the yellow line, make sure I have enough fuel and water to get to the next square, enjoy the scenery and ride fast...but not at the same time. We stop when we see cool shit, we camp when it gets dark. I do not turn on my phone and do not worry about what I forgot to bring on the trip.

Out of Bar10 was some pretty fast county roads and we made good time up to Fredonia (just south of Kanab) where we ate...The "Cowboy Butte Diner"...Dave's ears perked right up as he reiterated "Cowboy's Butt?" You could hear the desperation in his voice. "No, Dave. Butte. Like a big hill with steep edges." The disapointment was clear.

After lunch we burned highway towards Colorado City, then north to Zion. The pink dunes state park was on the north side of the highway as we headed out of Fredonia...I decided to skip it as i approached the turn off. The tracks were google earth fabricated and a couple sections of them were pretty sketchy if they actually existed. It was also hot as hell so I knew the group would probably appreciate getting to higher elevation.

Zion National Park was awesome, free National Park week was a bonus...the town at the bottom was packed and there were pirates everywhere, competing for scraps of attention from the tourist. We didnt stop. We actually couldnt stop because this is around the time when Tiner was overflowing fuel.

As soon as Bobzilla hits the tunnel his bike dies. Completely dies in pitch black tunnel. NOT GOOD. He jumps off and pushes it back out into the light. Hits the starter and it lights off. He makes it through the tunnel but now the bike is running poorly, not holding idle well. We hit the first thing out of the park, and couldnt have been more lucky. Pizza, decent local talent, campsite across the street, beer 13 miles away. After goldie lox picks her campsite, Herc and I make the beer run. Bobz opens up the bike.
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