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Originally Posted by M-Cat View Post
It looks like fun on a closed course, but I don't know that I would try it on any parking lot. Too much sand, gravel, etc on the surface. Knobbies probably wouldn't help much either.
What about one in the dirt? Hmmm....

knobbies help, they keep the bike centered in reality, or at least your mind. a little too much throttle, or a little too much lean, and you feel it. the good thing is it's recoverable, most of the time.

as far as offroad: i've been playing on some gravel out in front of barber's motorsports park, figure 8's a nutso hard to do in gravel (for me). running an entire course like the one the local guru puts together on DIRT would be a blast ! sliding, washing, wheelies, and lots and lots of dirty backsides.

when you see a buddy pushing hard around a turn, the suspension working, HIM working (just to stay up) on a big bike, it's very cool. knowing just how freaking slick the pavement is while he's doing it, and how close he is to sliding - another reality check. i'm definitely hooked !
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