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The devils anus

I'd also like to comment on the tunnel in Zion, I say tunnel but refer to is as the devils anus!! I was in back when we came up to the tunnel, we had to wait until oncoming traffic slowed and then it was our turn to go and I neglected to see the sign that said the devils anus was a mile and a half long and to take off sunglasses, ohh yeah and I also had my camera in my left hand ready for a quick shot of the clif side. So I'm riding and have my camera in hand, sunglasses on looking cool as shit like those pirates on there Harley's when I realize this is a bad idea, I decide not to just drop my camera but put it away in my tach vest as fast as possible and get ready to die, I can see in front of me a faint tail light from the bike in front of me when two big headlight are coming right for me... It's a fucking dump truck half in my lane. I can't blame him because my headlight barely worked, I catch up really quick to the tail light ohh yeah and in this tunnel every 1/4 mile there is a cut out that looks out over the cliff so naturally you look and the sunlight hurts a little and then goes dark again. I'm going good now when I see a headlight in front shine up to the top of the tunnel (its kevin showing off) and that throws my equilibrium all off. at this point I'm thinking that I'm dead again when I see the "light at the end of the tunnel" or maybe it's the light I'm supposed to walk to because I'm already dead either way at least I'm on a motorcycle. When I make it out of the anus I feel My heart slow a bit and Ive cheated death once again. But wait where did bob go! And I think the devil claimed another rider as well, we all pulled over to the parking lot right out of the anus and it looked like only half made it it was like a twilight episode, what dimention was bob and the other guys in.... We managed to pull them from the other side and made it to the camp sight up the road about 10 miles and relaxed by working on the 690. What a ride, holly shit I'll never forget it.
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