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Originally Posted by PJay View Post
Show us your badges (or even the chassis number...) and I'll tell you which model it is.

My guess at present is 1970 T500R.
My guess is that you're 100% correct.

Here's a crappy pic of the badges that came with it. Maybe tomorrow I'll go look up the numbers.

I'm still not sure what to do with it. I know how these things go. It all starts with wanting to hear it run. That'll involve cleaning/rebuilding the carbs, fuel system, getting a battery and re-wiring it. Once it's running, then I'll just HAVE have to take it for a spin. This means tires, brakes, controls, plates, title, ect. From this point, I might as well go ahead and re-paint, re-build, re-plate and re-chrome everything.

If I think it'll take 2 years and $2,000, it'll end up being be more like 4 years and $4,000.

Been there, done that (got the 3 wheeler to prove it!). I did this a couple years ago.
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