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Ok so the devils anus swallows me up, there is a curve so you cant see in front or back and just then my bike dies, i almost get run over by half my crew, then 2 cars and it still wont start............Motoboy aint lyin its REALLY dark. I take a chance and flip a bitch and push the bike back to the light and as soon as i get outside the tunnel it fires up and i figure lets try it again.

make it back to the group and as soon as i drop the throttle it dies again and is real hard to sweat, i have had this before and i have the parts to fix it. just need a place with shade and all will be good. Ged needs fuel so we stop at a minimartquicksackpizzagasstore and the bike will not start again. but lo and behold across the street is a camp ground with shade and picnic tables. The crew is off to find the "perfect" spot...........first we cock block a couple thats wants privacy, we give that one up. Then we look at one with shade and tables but there is a crying tit hanger near by, then we ask some older campers and they tell us about a "nice" spot on the upper tier.............its nothin but gravel and sun but some agree this is the place so I strip off my gear and strip the bike to start digging in............ Tiner pulls out his Kermit and sits in the only shade to watch me but then decides to look for a better spot....... he comes back to tell us he found one " a little better and maybe we should move" . it is and we do

Kevin and Travis dump their shit and head off on a B double E are you in beer run and i start tearing into the bike.

I know from past experience its a dirty injector.....somethin that has happened to me 4 times before. symptom : runs good at high rpm, plenty power but no idle. Ok first off the safari tank............bitch to on and off but its got to be done.....last bolt to get out will not budge.............also an allen head.... I try whacking it with cresent wrench and then Dan says " i got a hammer" wtf a hammer? yep to put my tent pegs in with so i try that and feel the head is about to Dave works for me and is a pretty good wrench so i ask for his expert help...........he strips the head

about that time Travis and Kevin return with the barley pops and Travis wants to know how its going............striped bolt stalled and he says " I am a professional striped bolt remover trained by THE U S Navy............. he completely rounds the bolt head and tears up the outside of the button head

they start drinking beer and then i think " if i can get that bracket off the tank will follow" FACK my fat hands wont fit but the kids do
travis taking the bracket off

now that the tank is off the air box follows quickly

a new injector is installed and the bike fires right up and idles well............ success

the crew heads off to have showers and get pizza and Ged helps me put it all back together...........well he dont really help but he sure watches real good

now its time to and and around the campfire knowing the trip will continue and its good to be prepared

Please continue gentlemen
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