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Coal country in WVa

Welch is a pretty neat little town for coal country and I like how they paint their water reservoirs.

See this big boy...they make a living draggin' the back end of that trailer over the yellow in left hand turns so
if you ride up here, ride way inside your skill level so you have margin of error to play WILL need it.

Lunch here in Pineville,,it was fine just an ordinary burger and no indigestion so that's good...

This ol' boy showed up outside the diner and was showin' Steve how he takes his shirt off and on...
Actually a very nice guy and he rides a lot and was interested in our chromless machines...

Main street after lunch..pretty building

We went back an forth in town a couple times looking fer grub..decided against this place as it was not too busy in spite of the special deal they had on the marquee " Big Tator Special". thanks...

Guess I need to quit foolin' with this camera er these guys are goin' to run over me!

Haulin butt fer Logan

Somewhere out in Timbuk2 we came upon this incredible slab of road that ran out about as unexpected as it showed up.

Disclaimer: I have this little bitty tar on the back that distorts my speedometer

On the way to Huntington on these sucky roads

Well, it was about here that my camera battery died out so we were near the end for the day ( 5/25) I hate that as Steve and Eric decided to tread onward on their quest for northwestern Illinois. Eric is then headed on for his Minnesota home. So no pics of the "Fairwell Handshakes" Brad and I ditched it in a couple rooms at the Hamptoon Inn in Barboursville at exit 20B on I-64 and it was a good clean typical Hamptoon. Then we hit the road again this morning with new camera batteries..guess we'll head home and then get some needed work done til next time so here comes the fun return trip:
I-64West bound to exit 191

Headed south on 23 looking for Highway 80 somewhere down the road. This run was on 23/460/119/80... followed 80 once we picked it up.

Open road...feels weird...I did not realize this but I can't ride a straight line

Tried to hand this dude a twinkey but he would not even wave, no smile, no nothing, sinister like...what's up with that?
I guess since we have on helmets and riding sewing machines that our cool factor is too low

Is this a nuke?

Stuff on the way to Elkhorn

A fitting tribute this Memorial weekend...I think this was in the ATOR thread

You can google the whole story....interesting.
On th' sucky road again...
All around the town of Honaker, there are these really high hills that appear to have an almost perfect funnel shape. We asked an ol' timer at the Subway how this happened...he just shrugged his shoulders and said they always been that way... OKAY!

I bet this place will give you some bull..

I think this was in Honaker..could not pass this up so I grabbed the Virginia Tag game at Hayters Gap and threw this up for the new tag for our buddy Red Bud who ain't feelin his best after a little recent mishap..

Broke out again for about a mile or so on19 then right back left on 80

The old timer at the Subway warned us about this road...said it was real narrow...steep drop-offs all the way, not room for two cars to pass....soz we discussed that at the Subway...fer about 2 seconds with a big grin...

Guess this is what he was talkin' about final approach to Hayter's Gap

Hayter's Gap

Some wrap up stuff on the way to Meadowview and Abingdon.

End of 80 for us...

We are only a couple hours from home so thought we'd grab a coffee or sumptin' here and discuss the situation as Brad is thinking about headin' on in on the slab and I ain't done wanderin' so time to talk...

While I was taking this photo, he went on inside....he came back out waving his arms and said lets go! It seems the guy who works there, we guess he works there, was sound asleep in the middle of the floor...we guess he was asleep. That's when we realized that the bail bond number we got in Tazewell won't work in Meadowview ,,,yup...lets roll.

I am still in Virginnie and Brad called awhile ago to tell me he is home at least one more day of prowling around fer me soz I'll post up tomorrow night.

Meawhile,I had dinner in Abingdon at this place...great awesome food!
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