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Hey mom... it stick's out a bit... what do I do so the other kids don't laugh..??!

A very original, budget oriented (high tech) effort there redbastard...!

That would defivately be a medal candidate at our annual "Spring Thaw" nav-rally for the award; "most innovative home build roadbook holder". We've had some doozies over the years; ranging from dozens of various transparent plastic lunch boxes with manually operated wood dowel spindles, a tobacco can with lexan goggle lens cover and only one drive spindle. There have been cigar boxes of various types, and once even a small metal munitions box that the guy had fit a little electric drive motor to!

Only two words of advice for you (I am sure you can relate to, when the school is over );

1. Watch out for bushes, scrub and overhang brances to the left side of the trails/tracks.

2. Don not stack/fall/crash the bike on the left hand side...

Else, I am imagining (in my minds eye), the image of an electric drill drive unit dangling from the left handgrip attatched by the wires, with the white plasic remains of a shattered Acerbis RB housing sitting on the mounting brackets, and a toilet roll of white paper streaming from the handlesbars in the breeze!

Good luck at the ride!
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