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Originally Posted by Rooster6978 View Post
Looking at a 690 I found a new 2011 and a 2012 new. $300 price diff. What is the difference in 2011 and 2012. And what is diff in the R vs the regular enduro
Hard to tell much of a difference from the ride. I have a 2012 and my buddy has a 2011 we did some back to back switching and they feel about the same running down the trail. His does have better throttle response but he is running a FMF exhaust with tune and a free flowing air filter as well mine wasn't broken in yet. As far as suspensions, they feel about the same and are set the sport settings for both bikes, 10 clicks, I believe, though I'm taller and heavier so my preload is different than my friend 2011. The 2012 has a better (subjective) dash and headlight as it has a big tack and easy to read speedo and a better (larger) headlight. If you go for the 2011 and PM NovaMoto he will can tell you about an awesome modification he did to upgrade the headlight on his bike. The 2012 may have a few other small differences related to the motor like the extra oil line running off the engine (?) Not sure about running down the slab, maybe the extra hp might be noticeable in the upper end, no idea though as both will easily cruise at 110-120 km/h all day.

Depending on your height you may like the slightly lower stance of the 2012. At 6'2 I can flatfoot either bike and don't really notice a difference. I have bottomed out my rear suspension jumping the bike and landing hard, I'm an novice rider so really just hope for the best when I get the wheels off the ground and lack anything like finesse to spare the bike any rough landings. That said on that particular occassion, and only time I maxed the compression, I suspect I would have bottomed the taller 2011 suspension as well.
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