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Day 5: Missing Canyon Road, Flagstaff:

Now that I was alone, I had to make some quick decisions. I knew my bike was running poorly, so, I needed to get somewhere for an air filter and possibly put the bike in the shop. Oh yeah, my rear brakes were squealing even though it appeared to me there was still plenty of pad left.

After doing some research, it appeared as though there was a KTM dealer in Flagstaff, so my loose plan was to get to Big Water where hopefully I would have enough cell service to find out if Northland Motorsports would have an air filter. But first I had to get to Big Water. I made a route that took me on Cedar Wash Road, Hole in the Rock Road, Missing Canyon Road and Warm Creek Road into Big Water. If I was to go to Flagstaff from Big Water, I would just jump on Highway 89 and hustle to Flagstaff.

I loaded the bike and made tracks:

Were those “walking” feet or “paddling while riding” feet?

Either way, I still suck at riding in deep sand and made my own “paddling while riding” feet marks.

Getting nice again:

Oh hell, what happened to the road?

I was so far down this sandy road, I didn’t want to turn around. That’s an arroyo down there and the picture does not define the ten or twelve foot walls. Of course, it’s essentially a dry river bed, so it’s all about the deep sand!
Looking back at the overburdened beast:

There were tracks through the arroyo and I thought that maybe, just maybe, the path would get out of there pretty quick. I went forward and down into the arroyo. What a mistake that was. Deep, deep sand; I made a couple hundred yards and realized that if I didn’t find my way out of here and quick, I was going to burn up my clutch trying to keep this rough running beast moving through the sand.

I dismounted the bike and walked a hundred yards or so until I found a spot that someone had used to climb up out of the arroyo. I walked up, took a look around and found the road a couple hundred yards away. It was then that I realized I had taken a wrong turn! If I could just get to this spot and up the hill, I could make that couple hundred yards to the road.

I almost made it:

I knew the only way I was going to get out was to get the rear tire on the flatter ground. I unloaded the bike and knocked the goat wagon over. After much pulling and dragging, I was able to get the rear tire up on flatter ground and pick the bike up:

I re-loaded the bike, paddled my way across the sand to the road and was on my way. I think that whole episode cost me over an hour. I realized I should pay closer attention to where I am going!

Fantastic scenery!
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