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Pardon my interruption of the humor, but this seems like the best place to ask.
I am on a very strict diet and typically do my own cooking for safety- can't eat any grains or food additives, and numerous other restrictions. This is a treatment proscribed by my physician for Crohn's disease in lieu of steroids etc. If I screw this up I can get profoundly ill. Sometimes I can eat out if I can talk to cook staff and I trust them, my diet is basically plain cooked meat and veggies, and sometimes this can be a problem at restaurants.

What is the availability of basic foods like fresh (or frozen) chicken, pork chops, fish, veggies, fruits, etc?
I'm a little worried that I might only find things like canned soup, SPAM, hotdogs, and Doritos- if I find groceries at all at remote stops.

I haven't seen this discussed before, presumably because most Adv'ers can do pizza-and-a-beer without passing blood from it.
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