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The weather here the last week or so has been awesome. It's likely to be the only good weather we get all summer right enough. Anyway I haven't been updating as I've been out riding. So this one is from last week.

I was heading up to Loch Tay to the small village that rests at the tip of it; Kenmore. I'm familiar with the roads south of it, but had never gone up and round the loch itself. To get home I was following my route up.

When it's sunny the road up the side of Loch Lubnaig can get very busy. The car parks are spilling over with caravans and tents and the smell of barbecues carries for miles. It's a shame we don't have bears anymore

On weekdays however, the roads are quiet regardless of the weather. The first photo here is from the journey up but the others are from the return leg. The bottom two are from the very northern tip of the loch.

Loch Lubnaig:

After Loch Nubnaig you have a brief encounter with the outskirts of Lochearnhead before heading into Glen Ogle. It was here that I spied a stream off to the left of the road that I hadn't really paid any attention to before. Pulling in at the side of the road I decided to excercise my Right to Roam and battled my way across marshes and passed barbed wire to bring you a handful of photos.

Glen Ogle:

Here's the pleasant view south from the road through Glen Ogle. Note the barbed wire on the right hand side there that I negotiated just so you could see these photos above.

Also note the speed camera sign at the bottom of the hill there. They're everywhere.

The best thing about the route I've taken today is that there are almost no lulls. You get a small village to ride through to catch your breath and then it's back to the winding roads and scenery. By the time you've passed Loch Nubnaig you're just about in Glen Ogle, which leads to Killen and by the time you're out of there you're at Loch Tay.

So you may have worked out from that that the next photo stop was Killen. There aren't many better ways to spend a sunny afternoon than sitting on the rocks by the waterfalls. It's a great place to stop, stretch your legs and have a snack.


Leaving Killin and you're a hop, skip and a jump to reach Loch Tay. It's a long Loch at 14 miles and the 4th largest in Scotland by volume of water. The road around it differs to a lot of other lochside roads in that you are not down by the water side. The road is on a hillside to the north of the loch. It was a pretty good road though there are a few houses and a lot of trees that block the view of the loch a lot of the time.. A load of sheep had escaped their field when I was there as well so there was a lot of stopping to allow them to get out of the way.

Loch Tay:

A distant view of Killin:

Must be nice to wake up to this on a sunny morning!

At the northern end of the loch sits the sleepy village of Kenmore. I didn't know much about it when I arrived. Don't know much about it now either. There's a [url=]castle[url] that may or may be not be getting renovated. I couldn't see it through the gates to the grounds anyway and didn't fancy wandering off at random in the hope of seeing a castle that at the time I wasn't even sure existed.


If the plaque outside this pub is to believed, it is the oldest in Scotland. 1572 is when it opened. I'm guessing it's had more than a few refurbs.

Entrance to Kenmore is achieved via a small, single lane bridge that operates a traffic light system. It gives great views of the loch.

South, from the bridge:

North, from the bridge:

There's also a little beach. This is where I sat down, drank some juice and sent my girlfriend a rather gloating text about how I was sitting on a beach and she was at the dentist.

The beach:

This next photo has something of interest hiding away in the corner. I'm annoyed that I missed it at the time because it's something I would have liked to have visited. It's a recreation of a Crannog. These are ancient water dwellings and the one in this photo is the best recreation in the country. I only found out about it when I got home and was looking up some info on Loch Tay. Can't believe I was sitting looking at it and didn't notice!

The Crannog (on the left on the water line):

So that was that. Like I said at the start, the weather has been glorious and I've had a few days away with the lady and spent the rest of it on my bike. I was going to do a post about my trip to St Andrews but to be honest it was crap so I won't bother. Til next time!
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