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Originally Posted by simonpig View Post
The current bolt is an M8, yes? The allen nut solution MIGHT work if the adjuster bolt were an M6 and the odds are even better with an M5 bolt as we are gaining clearance from the threads of the adjuster to the starter motor as the bolt gets skinnier (assuming allen nut outside diameter gets smaller with bolt size getting smaller.

There is essentially almost no clearance from the adjuster thread to the bolt on the housing of starter motor. Its fortuitous that the starter motor sinks in at that location, otherwise, I don't see an type of simple elegant solutions beside the stock tensioner.

As long as you can find an long allen bolt with same (or smaller) outside diameter of the CURRENT threaded adjuster bolt, it will clear—anything larger in diameter is no good (ala acorn nut). Anything shorter doesn't really help because the clearance issue starts 2–3mm after the jam nut in the pictures I sent.

Another thought is that if the housing could be half the thickness of the current one that would help gain you some clearance?

Got it covered. I'm going to slot the bolt end so it can be finger tightened with a flat blade screwdriver, then a plastic cap put over the end (tire air valve stem cap) to try to keep the slot from rusting. I know the bolt should NEVER be tightened to the point where the slotted end would not work, so that's the plan at this point.

Thought of it while on the road coming back from Springfield. Incredible races both the TT and THE MILE. Talked briefly with Henry Wiles, what a great kid. Reflected in his comments and just the look in his eyes when talking about the races. I thanked him for them putting on a good show in the races. He then took a moment to talk with us about the races. We said something about the track (great) and the heat (hot). He commented about feeling a breeze on the front straight and feeling the wind push a bit on the back straight. Then he asked us if we were at the TT and we said yes. He commented about how great the races were and if we enjoyed them. Of course we did then we asked about the tightness of the track and about Peoria. He had total enthusiasm describing it and all. Odd thing, he never once commented about his results at the TT - he won - or his record at Peoria - won seven of the past eight races 04-06 and 08-11 - just the enthusiasm about the tracks and the races. No ego massaging needed, all enthusiasm.
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