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Originally Posted by kshansen View Post
I can say of the three sidecars I have had on a total of two Sportsters the Hannigan Classic handles the best and the passenger would agree. But like others will say all depends on what your priorities are and needs. The two Sportsters I had/have sidecars on are both the older solid mount frames, the rubber mount engines should make an even smoother outfit.
Hello Ken.
Always good to see you here.

As far as the rubber mount engines go they do well but care must be taken when doing mounts to allow the engine to do what it does on the rubber mounts :-) .

The late model sportsters can be a challenge sometimes especially if the pipes have been changed (most are it seems . The lower rear mount always seems to be the bugger. That is why when we do one in house we do a pretty complete subframe.
I will look for a picture.

I am not sure what DMC's sportster mounts look like. Maybe Jay will chime in and post a picture or something.

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