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05.28 - Perm / Kirov
We left the hotel by 8am with the intention to reach Kazan, but a few kilometers after Perm there was an indication for an other itinerary, shorter by 100km. So we decided to try it...
It was not really a good idea.
First the road is in bad to very bad condition on 70%
Second we encounter some "problems"
It start with a shortage of fuel... if you remember Nicolai loose the 10l jerycan in Tatarstan, and we didn't replace it. So the Gear Up stop first then I continue a little but less than 2km same I stop at a junction to a very small village. Two options either I walk to the village or I push the bike on the road until the bridge where I can see some workers.
The second option was a good choice, as soon I arrive to the bridge all the workers came to watch the Ural, they told me that the nearest gas station is at 20km, not on the main road. I explain them the situation with our 2 Ural and they give me 5l of benzine.
No phone coverage in the area so I can't tell Nicolai.
So I went to this village get the tank full +4l in a jerycan and back. In fact when I arrive to the bridge I saw Nicolai who manage to push the bike on 2km...
At this stage again 2 options, either we go to the gas station to fill Nicolai's tank or we continue on the main road to the next village at almost 100km. We decided to try it, so I give him 8l from my tank. So reach this village and refuelled the Urals.

But the main event of the day is the Nicolai's "figure" on a bad section. To avoid the holes you have to drive on the opposite line but he was "surprised" by a car and he brake a little to hard turning the side to the right side: the chair fly in a second and he stop in front of the car 's bumper...
He didn't overtunr, he was just on the side... Nicolai stand up, everything ok.

Same for the Gear Up, the cylinder protection do his work and no damage on the Ural...
After a short break we continue to Kirov.

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