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Our glorious week of sunshine is over. It's back to being dull and cloudy. Summer sure was fun though. I'll miss it.

Took a trip to Glen Coe yesterday and photos will follow shortly. This update will be a small one though, about my journey to St Andrews. It wasn't great.

The first problem was that I had woken up feeling ill. This wasn't too much of a problem as the sky was grey so staying in bed wouldn't be a hardship. Then the sun came out. Sunny days are a rare thing in Scotland. Often we can go entire summers without getting 3 sunny days in a row. So when the sun is out, you make the most of it.

What I should have done was picked somewhere not too far away to go have lunch but instead I decided to do something a bit different and head east, to St Andrews. One of the many places I hadn't been since I was a child, I was looking forward to the warm, seaside air.

The journey there sucks.

It starts off nicely, with a trip over the Kincardine Bridge and onto Culross (pronounced 'coo-russ' for some reason). The road into Culross is your typical winding, up and down country road that is great fun on a bike. And Culross itself is a cute, quaint village with dodgy corners that you have to peep the horn before going round.

Once you're past that though, things start going downhill. The road I was following is the 'Fife Tourist Coastal Route'. Which sounded promising. It did not deliver on that promise. It's town after town (with harsh speed limits), with almost no scenery or even enjoyable roads on the way. Some towns are nicer than others of course (Aberdour is cool, Kirkaldy is ugly) but all in all I found it a slog.

So much so that by the time I reached St Andrews I was so tired and frustrated that I drove through the town, doubled back and came home. I only stopped when I saw the golf course and decided to take a picture.

Trying to avoid the same, dreary road on the way back I took a different route. I got lost but it was way more fun. Just wish I'd been in a mood to enjoy it.

Anyway here are the 3 photographs I took;

This one is a bush. I was trying to take a photograph of a bird but it apparently disappeared before I could take the picture. I include it for you today as I feel it sums up the entire trip.


This is the beach at Kirkaldy. The seafront of Kirkaldy seems like it's trying to be a Scottish Holiday resort with high rise flats by the seaside. The problem is the flats all have that horrible post war we-don't-have-any-money-left-to-build-stuff look about them. They were so ugly I didn't even take pictures. I'm sure there are nice bits but I didn't see them.


St Andrews was heaving. Clearly the students had decided to skip classes and enjoy the sunshine. I'll say now that St Andrews must have the highest population of attractive women I've seen. Concentrating on the road was not easy. I have no photos of attractive girls, before you ask. It seemed pretty nice though and I'll likely to go back (on a different road) at some point as there was clearly lots to see.

Golf Course:

And that's that. I'll hopefully get my Glen Coe report up later.
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