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Originally Posted by hhkiwi View Post
For the rubber mounted Sportsters you will need some sort of a subframe. You may be able to fit a clamp somewhere on the frame for a lower front mount but when it comes to the rear there's nothing structural you can fit a clamp mount to.

Don't count on DMC for details though. They will sell you a subframe for your Sportster for somewhere in the order of $700 but won't provide a photo of it - I asked because I can't afford their subframe but they're worried that the Chinese will copy it. Fair enough, I guess.

So I'll have to make my own. If anyone has done one and is willing to share their design I'd love to see it.

My rear suspension is a Progressive Suspension. My seat is custom made - I stripped the stock seat down to the pan and started from scratch.
We have two sportsters in house right now to do. Both of these are employees bikes.

We do not do subframes built on fixtures but rather prefer to build the subframe on the bike for each project. However, we do have these bikes in house to do so could possibly work it out for you with them. Feel free to call.

Here are some not too good pics for possible ideas.

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